Night before Christmas campaign

Our team of volunteers make up Christmas boxes and bags for children and vulnerable adults across Ayrshire and beyond.

Delivering hope to less fortunate children at Christmas


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Who We Are

In November 2015, a 12 year old girl from Annbank asked her mum if every child got a Night Before Christmas Box like her. Her mum, Jodie McFarlane, explained not every child is as lucky as she is, some children don’t get anything at Christmas time.

She was saddened by this and asked her Mum to help her to make boxes for children in their local area so they could feel the same magic at Christmas that she does.

Jodie and her mum, Isabella McFarlane, started a small campaign. They collected and distributed 90 boxes with only weeks to spare before Christmas.

In 2016, Jodie and Isabella continued their Night Before Christmas campaign and made it their mission to spread the Christmas spirit beyond Annbank and Ayrshire.

What We Do


We Build Boxes

We provide Night Before Christmas boxes in the hope that it will bring some magic for children and homeless at Christmas.


We Build Networks

We are building a team of volunteers who give their time to providing children with hope at a special time of year.


We Build Hope

Our charitable purpose is the prevention or relief of poverty, and we feel strongly that no one should go without at Christmas.


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